What’s the Best Tea for Psoriasis? Here’s 7 Cups to Sip On for Relief

Science has now confirmed what our ancestors have already known about herbal teas for thousands of years.

Teas contain some of the most potent antioxidants on the planet and have been shown to help reduce symptoms and severity of inflammatory diseases. And yes, that includes psoriasis.

So what should you be sipping on next time you want some relief? Here are some of the best teas for psoriasis and why!

Green Tea

This rich herbal tea contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory compounds which have all demonstrated amazing effects when it comes to psoriasis!

psoriasis tea

In particular, the antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate was shown to improve psoriatic symptoms from both drinking the tea and placing it on the skin.

Topical application worked best for immediate relief. However, other research findings are showing that these components of green tea accumulate in the body over time. This accumulation was shown to protect mitochondria, which play an important role in overall immune function.

Thanks to the compounds in green tea, the mitochondria are protected from inflammation and start to produce additional anti-inflammatory cascades which help to prevent the onset of inflammatory conditions, like psoriasis.

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Yerba Mate Tea

Mate Tea is made from a South American shrub that has incredibly nutritious benefits.

Plus, it’s got something unique going for it – unlike other herbal teas, Mate Tea can be used to fight off psoriasis while replacing your cup of joe with its high caffeine content.

psoriasis tea

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Research reveals that topical applications of mate tea inhibit enzyme collections known as proteasomes, which seem to appear in psoriatic skin lesions and other similar conditions.

When proteasomes are inhibited, the symptoms of psoriasis dramatically improve.

As for drinking the tea, the body will readily absorb these proteasome inhibiting compounds in small amounts. This will also improve psoriasis symptoms if drunk on a daily basis over the course of a few months.

Not to mention, this tea is loaded with anti-aging nutrients and will likely prevent you from getting cancer!

White Tea

Much like Green Tea, White Tea has been used for hundreds of years to treat multiple inflammatory disorders and skin ailments.

psoriasis tea

Aside from single-handedly increasing your lifespan, white tea was shown to inhibit DNA damage against normal cells while destroying the mutated DNA of cancerous ones!

This antioxidant ability is largely due to white tea’s high flavonoid content, the compounds that make all teas taste bitter.

The relevance of this in regards to psoriasis cases is that free radicals and inflammation are present in much higher quantities than normal in the body. By drinking white tea, psoriasis patients will reap the benefits of full-body protection from the inside out.

An extra added bonus about white tea is that it tends to be the least processed out of all teas, according to tea experts.

Saffron Tea

If you want to get a dose of true herbal magic, go and get a bag of expensive saffron tea and indulge!

tea for psoriasis

There is literally no ailment out there in the history of mankind that has stood the test of time against this powerful anti-inflammatory spice.

As a product of more than 150 antioxidant compounds, Saffron has been shown to either prevent or cure everything from depression to snake venom poisoning. Psoriasis is no exception.

The trick with Saffron is to steep it in tea and drink it in small amounts every day to allow for slow accumulation throughout the body. That way, your body will get the most out of it and it will also justify the price!

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Nettle Tea

In combination with marigold and burdock, nettle tea is enjoyed by those with psoriasis for both its nutritional benefits and healing properties.

tea for psoriasis

It has a large number of vitamins and trace minerals in it, which have proved useful in restoring the immune system and alleviating inflammation.

One can ingest this tea internally or apply it externally as a poultice. Not only does it help with psoriasis, but it was also shown to reduce symptoms of acne, eczema, and dermatitis.

Nettle tea is also a promising way to treat arthritis joint pain and stiffness, which is common in a large portion of psoriasis patients too!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has a long history of being so gentle that even mothers can use it on their new born babies to soothe skin irritations.

tea for psoriasis

When drank in tea form, chamomile helps to control psoriatic symptoms by reducing inflammation in the body through several means.

One of Chamomile’s best properties is that it can inhibit COX-2 production in the body. COX-2 has been shown to contribute to the onset of psoriasis and is found in high concentrations in skin lesions.

Inhibiting COX-2 will also inhibit many forms of cancer and help you to live to a ripe old age. So that’s a bonus, too 😉

Milk Thistle Tea

Milk Thistle contains a potent combination of three antioxidants which are collectively known as the substance Silymarin. Silymarin alone is a potent purifier of the blood, liver and kidneys.

tea for psoriasis

It removes toxins that will heighten inflammation in the body, which is a huge bonus for those with psoriasis that have that in excess.

Aside from purifying the body, Milk Thistle Tea prevents the body from creating leukotrienes. Inflammation is essentially made up of multiple different leukotrienes which overload the body.

In this way, milk thistle helps to significantly reduce inflammation and reduce the severity of psoriatic lesions. This will also help to reduce all-round bodily pain and joint stiffness in those with psoriasis.

A Quick Word on Tea Bags

To get the most benefit out of drinking tea for psoriasis, opt for loose tea leaves as opposed to tea bags. Tea bags often lack their freshness and undergo further steps of processing which cause them to lose their potency.

At the same time, the edges of tea bags are traditionally sealed with some kind of glue.

Steeping a hot cup of tea with glue particles in it will contribute to causing inflammation and other problems, which will also render the tea far less potent.

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