How to Treat Psoriasis Naturally: What Works?

Which is why we’ve compiled this little list of *mostly* natural remedies for psoriasis – so all our fellow psoriasis folk don’t end up trying something harmful or plain unhelpful in the quest to relieve red/itchy/scaly suffering.

Peruse the list, read what’s up, give the good ones a try and let us know in the comments what works for you!

Note: The only natural remedies not included on this list are oils because they deserve a section all to themselves. Check out the best oils for psoriasis here!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s no stranger to skin conditions – used topically, this goopy gel relieves pain and itchiness while reducing the redness and scaling of psoriasis patches.

But it’s even better when ingested. With over 75 bioactive components that improve your immune system, control inflammation, alkalize your body, and boost gut and skin health – you really want to be drinking this stuff to get the most of its benefits for psoriasis.

George’s Aloe Vera Supplement is great – close to a thousand 4+ star reviews, convenient, high quality and affordable.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a centuries-old folk remedy and an effective one at that. Used topically, it helps restore your skin’s pH balance which returns your skin to an optimal, slightly acidic pH that makes it difficult for fungi, bacteria, and yeast to survive.

It’s also great when ingested – as long as you dilute it. Thanks to its enzymes and alkaline-forming nature, ACV helps your body maintain an optimal, slightly alkaline internal pH which gives your overall immune system a boost. Here’s 6 ways to start using apple cider vinegar for psorasis!

Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a all-time classic – we grew up drinking this (since 1990s), and even today in our household, we’re using and drinking it still today =)


Not too far back (less than a century ago), American physicians used calendula to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor infections of the skin. And it’s still in demand as a healing herb thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic, and immunostimulant properties.

Calendula gently disinfects while stimulating the production of collagen at wound sites to speed healing. But our favorite thing about it is that calendula is a very gentle herb that’s incredibly on sore, inflamed skin – the perfect cream when your psoriasis flares just need a little TLC.

Epsom Salts

These salts are probably the most popular psoriasis natural remedy around. So what’s so special about them? It all comes down to two very skin-friendly and highly skin-absorbable minerals – magnesium and sulfate.

Magnesium is a big deal – it’s needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is helpful for reducing inflammation and encourages healthy skin tissue growth. Sulfates are great, too, improving your body’s absorption of nutrients and helping to expel toxins.

On top of all that, they both help strengthen the walls of your digestive tract.

Plus, adding Epsom (and Dead Sea) salts encourage more relaxing baths rather than wash-and-dry navy showers and provide near-immediate relief from itch as well as loosening and removing flakes.

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Ghee, aka clarified butter, has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic treatments as a digestive and detoxification aid believes to improve gallbladder function and digestive systems.

And its unique nutrition profile makes it particularly helpful for psoriasis. This ancient health food has no lactose or casein; instead, it’s packed with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and you can increase your intake of these vitamins simply by replacing butter with ghee.

But the real psoriasis-improving superstars in ghee are conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which reduces inflammation, and butyric acid, a short-chain acid that acts as a detoxifier, reduces inflammation in the digestive tract, increases gastric acid, improves colon health and supports healthy digestion by helping the body eliminate other fats and toxins – all of which contribute to relieving psoriasis from the inside out.

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Glycerin’s claim to fame? It attracts moisture to the skin and holds it there. By providing that protective hydration, it helps dry, cracked skin heal faster. On top of its moisturizing and lubricating properties, it’s also thought to slow down skin cell maturation, which is why of course, it can be helpful as a long-term psoriasis treatment.

Some fellow psoriasis folk have even described it as a miracle. However, results will only be visible after about 10 days. The only negative that comes to mind is that Glycerin can be quite oily so it would make sense to dap some off with a damp sponge after an hour or so. 

Licorice Root

This licorice-y root’s been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and it can be used both internally and topically for psoriasis.

When used internally, its main benefit is for your digestive system – this root’s been known to help everything from ulcers and heartburn to ongoing inflammation of the lining of the stomach (chronic gastritis).

And this is great news for your whole body, including your skin since a healthy gut equals a healthy life.

Licorice root’s also a super soother when applied topically, thanks to a compound called glycyrrhizin, which helps reduce redness, inflammation and irritation.

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Or if you prefer a convenient version, check Nusapure’s DGL Licorice Extract capsule version. Easy to bring about and take.


You know oats have long been considered one of nature’s best skin soothers and ‘though there’s no scientific evidence that supports oats as a treatment for psoriasis, this yummy breakfast food does help soothe and relieve inflamed, red, itchy skin.

We particularly like oats for psoriasis flakes that are oily-crusty since the oats are great for removing that thick, greasy element without drying the skin out. Plus, this is one psoriasis natural remedy that’s damn easy to get your hands on. To use, make an oatmeal paste or mix it into your bath.

We’re huge fans of natural remedies for psoriasis – especially the ones that work.

But one thing we’ve learned from the impulsive rubbing of various products on skin is that there is no quick, miracle cure for psoriasis. Even the best natural remedies can only control the symptoms of psoriasis but they don’t target the cause.

So use these natural remedies to relieve itching, reduce redness, and to stop that annoying flaking – but if you really want to see long-term results, combine ’em with a delicious psoriasis diet and a few, simple habits that can transform your skin.

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