Bentonite Clay for Psoriasis: Can Mud Help Psoriasis?

Thinking of using – or even drinking – bentonite clay for psoriasis and wondering if it’s safe?

The potency of bentonite clay cannot be overlooked by anyone who suffers from any skin disorders from psoriasis to eczema.

While there is little research in relation to psoriasis and bentonite clay particularly, other research done to highlight bentonite clay’s extensive healing properties all point towards it’s ability to help those of us with psoriasis.

Let’s take a close look at how Bentonite Clay could help psoriasis…

Bentonite Soothes Inflammation

Research reflects that applying bentonite clay to rashes reduces inflammation.

There are numerous other studies that back this statement up by showing how bentonite clay alleviates redness, blemishes and helps to prevent allergic reactions, such as poison ivy.

In complicated dermatitis cases, a bentonite-based cream soothed skin lesions and prevented them from becoming infected in infantile diaper dermatitis. It also played a role in knitting back skin together and speeding up wound recovery, all of which is promising for those with psoriasis.

Reduces Infection

Bentonite clay has got potent antibacterial properties against a large number of bacteria that are found in skin.

Those with psoriatic lesions will understand how important it is to protect their weaker skin from infection, which makes the entire affliction way worse!

Bentonite can provide this protection, as well as soothing the pain and redness associated with skin disorders.

Removes Toxins

Bentonite clay, when taken internally, detoxes the body of multiple toxins from heavy metals to aflotoxins from mold. Both heavy metals and aflotoxins contribute considerably to the onset of psoriasis and other inflammatory autoimmune diseases like arthritis.

Aflotoxins are especially concerning for those with psoriasis, so it’s good news that Bentonite clay can remove them.

They are particles that come from mold, often found in high quantities on foods such as peanuts. Upon entering the body, they are known to cause severe free radical damage and eventually lead to liver cancer.

Psoriasis cases tend to have an impaired liver function due to the large amounts of inflammation that circulate the body. This prevents them from detoxing properly to help get rid of other inflammatory toxins and thus further worsens the condition.

Those with psoriasis also often have leaky gut syndrome due to the increased levels of bodily inflammation. Bentonite clay can improve factors of leaky gut syndrome by removing toxins from the gut, which continuously add to this inflammation.

Supports A Balanced Immune Function

Since bentonite clay consists of more than 70 essential trace minerals, it definitely supports a properly functioning immune system!

Aside from drinking it to cleanse your body, you can also ingest it to supplement on some much needed nutrition, such as zinc, magnesium and many other components found deficient in those with psoriasis.

In a study done using a supplemental close to Bentonite, rats benefited from the clay as though they had ingested a Zinc supplement.

Zinc is a crucial nutrient that is recommended in treating psoriasis. It plays a critical role in supporting the immune system and also detoxes heavy metals from the body, which cause inflammation.

In a case study, psoriasis lesions were cleared up within 15 days of taking high doses of a Zinc supplement! Bentonite clay is great in this regard, as you can apply it topically to lesions and place Zinc directly where it’s needed the most.

This is just one example of many other trace minerals beneficial to Psoriasis found inside bentonite clay.

Protects Skin From UV Radiation

If you use bentonite clay as a face mask, it will protect your face from UV radiation for the period you wear it.

The large portion of minerals, like iron oxide, have a role to play here in reflecting radiation. Bentonite clay also mildly occludes the skin without suffocating it, meaning that if the paste is made thick enough, no light will get through. At the same time, you will be saturating your skin with beneficial anti-inflammatory compounds!

This could make for a great way in which Psoriasis sufferers can go out and get a little bit of sun without cause for concern.

Are There Risks of Using Bentonite Clay for Psoriasis?

Bentonite clay has no reported side effects when diluted inside water or applied as a wet paste topically.

Of course, we absolutely recommend that if you’re going to go the internal route, you opt for an organic, food-grade bentonite clay powder.

If you ingest large quantities of bentonite clay, it will expand inside the stomach and could cause more harm than good for your digestive system. The trick is to have it in small doses.

There was one study that showed how eating or inhaling dry bentonite clay could cause lung cancer after prolonged exposure. This is quite a common concern with many fine dust particles that trigger irritation in the lungs. Mine workers need extra special medical care in this regard.

Avoid inhaling Bentonite Clay or ingesting it in massive doses and you will be fine!

To summarize, Bentonite Clay has shown to reduce inflammation, detox your body, and support your immune system. This alone is enough to benefit those with chronic autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis.

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Cynthia A Robinson says November 17, 2019

I have had an ongoing issue with Psoriasis on my foot. It began as athletes foot, and just got worse.

I have tried EmuMax, it marginally helped but not enough.

I came across my jar of clay and decided to look it up for relief from Psoriasis. I was ecstatic and mixed up a batch using half each Unfiltered apple cider vinegar & water… applied a thick coating to my foot, between the toes etc. Left it on for an hour.

I rinsed it with the shower massage head and the results were INCREDIBLY AMAZING.

All that infected skin rubbed off with the towel leaving the most unaffected skin I have seen in a long time.

I am applying another application tonight. I am SO impressed with the results.

I moisturized with Melaleuca Renew Lotion Intensive Skin Therapy… which I have seen testimonies of healing eczema, child rashes, etc.

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